Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help!!! CV joints?

Last Friday I got my oil changed and they told me I need to get my CV joints fixed because the boots are cracked and the grease is coming out.

There is no clicking sound yet, I don't think. Is the clicking sound loud and unmistakable? if so, they are definately not clicking.

If CV joints don't make any noise, does that mean I probably only need the boots replaced and grease packed back in? I'm not sure how long the rubber has been cracked, but do you think the CV joints are still good?

I know I should get this fixed asap, but how long do you think I'm good for, a week?

If I wait longer, stuff is going to get to the joints and mess them up, right?Help!!! CV joints?depending on how much you drive..you've got time. the cv joints don't just fly apart all of a sudden. They can get pretty bad before failure(not saying that you should test out how long). Unless you plan a cross country tour of the US, you'll be fine for a few weeks, a month...maybe longer. I'd be guessing the oil change place also would be happy to put the cv joints in for you too, eh? I'm not saying that they did this, but I have heard of mechanics 'creating' extra work for themselves by 'inspecting' cv joints...i.e they accidently stick a screw driver through the boot while checking them over to see if they're cracked. If you're not sure, have some other shop quote you a repair to the joints as well...it's a good idea anyway, because it pays to shop around sometimes. And to answer the clicking question-yep, very unmistakable sound. Constant clicking that gets faster and slower as you drive faster and slower. And as they get really bad you'll feel a slight rhythmic jerk in the steering wheel when turning to one side or the other.Help!!! CV joints?Have some one else check them.

They might be needing income (if you know what I mean).

I have gone the split boot repair route, and I was not happy with how long the repair lasted.

The labor to replace just the boot will exceed the cost of labor to replace the axle and the damage to the mechanical parts may have already been done. Resulting in returning to the mechanic sooner the should have been needed.

So when I get a CV joint done, I just spring for a total replacement.

As for the clicking, you will hear it before they go out.

Start setting aside money right now to have the job done before winter.Help!!! CV joints?here a good way to check drive backwards and turn as sharp as you can both ways if they bad most of time they will pop more than likey its just the boot.... and sooner is always better but who know how long they been bad you know coulkd have been a long time and no one said any thing you know and yes a week or two is not going to hurt any moreHelp!!! CV joints?if if if its only the boot then its cheap and easy to do and will last a couple weeks with out noise but if its been ripped for awhile i give it a week but if you have around 40 to 60 bucks you can get 1 with a warranty and thats the whole cv shaft and its very easy to install without going to a shop i can help talk you through it its about the same time wise of work.Help!!! CV joints?it will be cheaper for you in the long run to put a rebuilt axle in it. most cars it takes a little more than an hour per side. the price of rebuilt axles is right around $70.00. a very reasonable repair that wont come back to haunt youHelp!!! CV joints?I would replace the entire axles even though they are not yet making noise......they will still have gotten some dirt and debris in them if the boots are already cracked and broken.....even the smallest amount of debris will wear the joints out......get second opinion first though as some shops will use the %26quot;cv boots%26quot; as an excuse to extort money from customers......Help!!! CV joints?If you are a technician, you can replace all 4 boots for less than fifty dollars. It's like getting a kidney transplant, if you can find a used on on craigs list, you could save tens of thousands of dollars doing it yourself. If the joints are not clicking (popping) as customers state, then yes you can replace the boots. Usually it's just the outers, so at a shop, lets say mine, boot costs me 12.00 costs you 39.95 times two and labor would be between an hour and an hour and a half depending on what kind of vehicle you have, so figure 99-149 in labor per side. As others have stated, you can get complete axle, one per side. At my shop, axles are 39-49 dollars my cost so customer cost is 129.95 and again, an hour labor to an hour and a half depending on labor cost in your area. If you are not clicking the boots will do you fine.Help!!! CV joints?How big are the %26quot;cracks%26quot;? Obviouisly the bigger the %26quot;holes', the quicker the grease is going to get out, -- and if big enough they will allow dirt and water in (depending on location along boot)also!

Get down under the car and check for yourself, -- if you see lots of grease that has been slinging out in area right above the axle boot (note that there are boots on both ends of each axle). The outer ones will sling grease out quicker (because of extreme flexing when turning)--so a very small hole in inner end will leave grease in for a long time, - but the outer end towards wheel will throw out faster from same size hole, - and allow stuf to get in also -- if it is big enough!

You don't want to wait too long, as when the axle %26quot;joint' parts run dry (all it is ,-is a universal joint tht runs in grease)-- it damages the parts, and there is no %26quot;repair%26quot; at that point!** And of course the %26quot;grit%26quot; from dirt and water %26quot;compound%26quot; really accelerates damage! Some drive axles had both ends removeagble for replacement, and some only have one end removeable!

You did not say what kind of car you have! Some cars have %26quot;quick boots%26quot; which can be installed without pulling the axle out! They are not the best you can do,-- but might save axles till you have time or money to get them taken out and done with%26quot;origional (seamless) boots%26quot;! Since the %26quot;quick boots%26quot; have a %26quot;flange%26quot; that is used to hold them shut after fitted overt the joint, - this is a place for stuff to get jammed in and tear boot up again! In southern states they work fairly well, - as long as you don't go %26quot;mudding%26quot; with the car!.. If you live where there is lots of snow %26amp; ice (and mud in spring),-The deciding factor here is how much clearance between boots and surrounding suspension and frame parts! They get torn off prety easily because of the way the stuff cakes up underneath, and sometimes even builds up around tires so you can't turn steering wheel! If you live there you know what I am talking about !

Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, & trans problems.

Hey, I'm having problems with my 1993 Nissan Altima GXE all the time and want a change. So for the past few weeks I've looked on Craigslist.com just to see what was on there. I came across this amazing 1994 Ford Probe GT for $500. I wondered why such a hot car (with two racing stripes) would be so cheap. The man explained that it has 131,000 miles, it needs new water pump, CV joints need to be replacedm it has a dent on driver's door, and the transmissions slips every once in awhile. He says the transmission needs to be %26quot;flushed%26quot; or something. I e-mailed him back saying that I will only buy it if I can take it to a mechanic first to see if the WHOLE transmission needs to be replaced which will definetely not be worth it. Does it sound to any of you that this is a good deal? And how long would a 94' Ford Probe GT last? Kelley Blue Book prices it at $1800 in FAIR condition. I was thinking of buying this and then selling my altima to break even. Any response is much appreciated!!! Thanks!Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.If you were to Buy the car in present condition it would cost more to fix the car than what it is worth. In reality you are going two pay twice the amount you are paying for the car to get it in working condition. Is it a Good Deal? Yes if you are a Mechanic and just have spare parts lying around! If not I would take a pass.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.I wouldn't touch that car with a ten foot pole. phone around to some shops and get estimates for changing both front axles (it actually cheaper to replace the entire axle than to just replace the CV joints, go figure), then phone a transmission shop and ask their price to completely overhaul the transmission. You are thinking about buying this car, so look at worst case scenarios and don't try to sugar coat any of the problems with the shops. I would just about bet, that if you take the $5oo car, your repair bill is going to be around $3000, so now you have twice as much money into it as it is worth. Do what you want, but there are lots of cars out there for the money you want to spend.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.Forget it, the transmission needs work and that cost big $. A flush will not fix it. It has a host of other problems....but what about the ones you dont know about that will become apparent after a week of ownership.

You say you need to replace your Maxima because it is having problems...and then you are coming to this message board to ask if buying a Ford laden with problems is a good idea. I can see no logic here.

Look for a car that is in good running condition. That is the only way forward.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.That car is NOT worth it, Your looking at close to $700 for pump and CV installed, and THEN a tranny issue. I'm not 100% sure but want't the GT turbo? If it was 131k miles on a turbo, will need to be replaced soon. (turbo or not, I say no way) Your way better off w/ your Altima. (ANOTHER RED FLAG IS THE RACING STRIPES)Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.Is he paying you $500 to take it. That's the only way I see it could be a good deal. Sounds like a typical Ford to me.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.Sounds like a mighty fine deal...if your the guy selling the Probe GT, even if it has two racing stripes.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.this is a bad deal because it will cost about 800 dollars to fix the car but it is still a ford and they suck. but it can be a good deal because you could get it running good and sell it for about 2500. i know i just said fords suck but some people love them. And dont worry about the 131k miles on it if it gets fixed there are plently of people who would buy it and do an engine swap or something. just be sure not to be to stupid or you will get screwed over badIs this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.The mechanic will probably tell you that you need to replace the transmission but it all depends on how much it slips and at what gear it slips at. The slipping could be that the transmission fluid is low due to a bad seal, which if changed would fix the problem. This car is worth $500 all day long, (even if it didn't have the sweat stripes). The CV joints and water pump will not be $700 if you find the right mechanic. I say go for itIs this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.The 94 Probe GT can be a fun car to drive. The 2.5 Litre V6 is the same engine used in similar years Mazda MX-6's. This is a Mazda engine and drivetrain in this car, and the parts are really not that cheap compared to other vehicles.

If the CV joints need replaced, you can get the parts yourself for around 50 bucks each, then you need the boots and the tools and know how in order to change them yourself. A garage would likely charge a couple hundred dollars to change them, as the task is somewhat labor intensive.

The water pump, again, is not quite expensive when you buy it yourself however, having it installed is very expensive due to the amount of labor and time involved.

Automatic transmissions can be a hairy subject. Flushing the tranny and installing new fluid would definitely be a great idea, but if its been slipping, there is more than likely some wear. Replacing the transmission is an expensive chore as it is both labor intensive and the transmission itself is very expensive. Replacing the unit would likely run into the 1200 to 1500 dollar range. I would definitely try the flush and fill first and see if it helps.

You did mention that the car has 131k miles on it, so I would guess that there are also other things that could use replacing. What kind of maintenance has the car seen in the past? The timing belt has a limited lifetime, and if it breaks, your dead in the water. This is a cheap belt, but expensive to have changed at a shop. Oxygen sensors and spark plug wires are expensive for this car, when compared to most.

Although 500 dollars doesnt sound like a lot of money for a car, I would definitely have the car thoroughly inspected by a mechanic before purchasing it. It could easily cost you 5 times as much just to get it reliable again. Look into it, but my personal experience would tell me to keep looking.Is this a good deal for a used car? (1994 Ford Probe GT) It needs new water pump, CV joints, %26amp; trans problems.I am a dealer. If it will run and honk the horn, it is worth $500. Make sure it will pass inspection in your state. Good luck - Gary

Price of a 1996 honda accord?

how much should i pay for a 1996 honda accord...


body condition is ok...

the hood doesnt close properly...

driver window doesnt go down...

door has a rug on the side so the door sensor doesnt go off..

cv joints need to be change...

it over heats if in traffic for more then 40min...Price of a 1996 honda accord?$500

My car is making a clicking/popping sound, what is wrong with it?

It's on the left side and it makes the sound mainly when I take turns, especially when I turn the wheel all the way. We have checked both calipers and both cv joints. We actually changed the one on the drivers side before I found out how to check to see if they were bad. It is a '97 Dodge Avenger, and I haven't had it for that long. Breaks are perfect and so are the calipers. As far as I can tell the cv joints are fine too. I was told that if I try and move the cv joint and it moves then it's bad, but if it doesn't then it is fine. and it doesn't move at all.My car is making a clicking/popping sound, what is wrong with it?its a dodge...thats whats wrong...lol i would have said check the sv joint but you said u did so i dont knowMy car is making a clicking/popping sound, what is wrong with it?sadsdMy car is making a clicking/popping sound, what is wrong with it?replace the cv joints.

99.999999% thats the problem

How much will a tune-up cost??

I have a 2001 FORD WINDSTAR

and the following needs to be serviced

Okay lets see, this is what i need..please give me an estimate

-Serpentine Belt

-Rear Shocks

-Spark Plugs (maybe wires too)

-Power Steering Fluid Change

-Fuel Filter


-Coolant Flush

-Air Conditioning Re-charge

Tire Rotation


4 new motor mounts

Top off all other fluids

All answers greatly appreciated thanks

Whats the best place to take it, to be serviced? Pep Boys..Sears...Ford?How much will a tune-up cost??if u want to save money, do it yourself, by the list u showed it will run you over $1,000 because the labor is so expensive
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  • How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?

    I need to finish my dental work I need another root canal and I need a permanant cap put on the side I already had done, the other side I didn't even start yet it's a missing tooth and it's in the back so it's not really visable it just bothers me because I know I'm missing a tooth. It's around $1000 and would take my whole tax check.

    My car is literally falling apart needs a tune up oil change shocks and a new cv joint and axel. Again would take my whole tax check

    I owe capital one 1000. Same thing whole tax check

    Which one is the most importanat?How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Well your teeth will have to wait

    I was going to choose your car till I seen you owe

    Capital One ,

    They charge late fees which accrue each month ( or maybe wks I would check it out) this can add up real fast and be very stressful not to mention owing a bank goes on your **Credit

    Report** and can of course ruin your credit So forget about buying a new car later.

    Trust me pay Capital One

    Get someone to drive you to work

    and since your teeth arent bothering you to much they can wait

    Besides if you dont pay your bills you wont be doing much smiling anyway!!!How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?I would pay capital one, that way you have good credit and you can charge the other 2 things and pay on them, rather than having to pay all at once.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?I say pay Capital One. Then you'll have one less monthly payment, thus giving you more money each month to put aside for your car and your teeth. And in the long run, if you wait to pay Capital One, you'll be wasting money because of interest rates.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?get your tooth fixedHow should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Capital One - your credit is very important, so keep it squeeky clean by getting rid of this debt! If you free up the card, then you could always use it again if there's an emergency with your car.

    As far as your dental work - find a dentist that takes monthly payments and get it done!

    Best wishes!How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?I would fix your car. The other things can wait, but you won't be able to do ANYTHING without your vehicle.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?I would say, pay off CapitalOne and then go here for a loan from them for your dental needs


    See which one would offer you a better interest rate and take it from there.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?the credit card debt. considering you are probably pay close to the min. payment and the interest is probably around 19%. I would get rid of that first. The car, maybe start to look at something a little better and not waste your time on a piece of junk.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Tooth. You can get your teeth to the point that they can't be fixed. Everything else can be replaced.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?pay off the credit card. Sell the car and buy a newer one. As for the dental work .. save up then have the work done.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Fix the car. You can pay minimums to Capital One and the dental work is not an emergency. Plus with the car you can get a job to pay for the other things. Without the car, how can you work?How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Tough one! I would say stay with the crdt card bill.

    I would say fix your car and ask if you can make payments on the dental work? Or vise versa some car shops finance now so if they do then why not.How should I spend my tax check- 3 options?Your car is the most important one. With no car you cant get to work to pay for the other things.

    How do i change the differential in my 1990 Corolla?

    1990 Corolla.

    Was drained when I filled it up with 80W90 gear oil.

    Auto transmission.

    US calif. Model. 4AFE engine.

    I think something gave way inside(probably a tooth on one of the gears). It starts rolling, I hear a loud crack, and the left wheel shakes.

    It started doing it when it turned only, now it does it going straight too.

    CV joints are new and OK.

    Tie rods Ok(new)

    Steering perfect.

    Brakes perfect( new caliper) New pads.

    Auto transmission: new filter and fluid. Seems to work smooth( Then again, I have never seen what a broken down auto transmission feels like; anyone knows the symptoms of a faulty transission?)

    My diagnosis is that my problem is the differantial, but i do not even know if i can just replace the differential alone(it is front wheel drive) or if it is part of the auto transmission.

    ps. I have both Chiltons AND Haynes repair manuals, but neither talk .... about the differential. They go off track talking about the all wheel drive wagon transfer case.How do i change the differential in my 1990 Corolla?I'm a little skeptical, %26quot;a loud crack%26quot; doesn't quite do it for me. I would inspect the suspension and CV joints again.

    However, the car is a front wheel drive so the differential should allow slippage as the wheels turn. Fast repetitive slippage and seizing could possibly cause the wheel to shake. 80W90 does sound a little light, I would have guessed 85 or even 90 weight oil do to the direct connection to the transmission. The differential should be bolted on to the bellhousing, so you should be able to remove it without the transmission but I wouldn't know for sure without looking at it. I suggest removing the differential cover and checking the gear teeth for wear or any metal loose pieces of metal (there should be a magnet at the bottom that collects these). A bad transmission wouldn't cause the symptoms your describing. Normally when an automatic transmission fails it tends to burn fluid, slip, shift really rough, sick in one gear, not go forward or not go into reverse, hell I've even seen cause the engine to die out. You might be able to find one in the junkyard.

    Anyway, good luck with that, I hope you figure it out and get it resolved. I'm curious to know what it is.